Your eyes.

I wish I could have your eyes.

So when I look at you you could know true beauty.

I wish I could have your hair.

So you could smell your sweet aroma on the pillow next to me

And if I could have your skin

You could feel the soothing electric charge that comes from being caressed by you.

And if your lips were mine you would feel the warm gentle passion of kissing you.


Spam comes in a can

Or a laptop or a phone.

You’re never alone

With spam

You’ll never get lonely

If you can phonyly

Be liked

By friends you’ve never met.

Clicking with no regret.

Hoping through

this technological circuitry

And internet intimacy.

You’ll like them back.

An empty “like” lightens the mood

And for a moment…

You don’t feel

The deep deep solitude.



We’ve given you a choice.

You have no right to complain

Its as simple as day and night,

I won’t bother to explain.

One is garbage.

The other is clearly trash

This has sparkles and frosting.

That one is baited with cash.

And now we’ll serve you bullshit,

Skewered on a stick

Or would you rather have it baked

like a cake, three layers thick.

Its up to you

You have the freedom to decide

One or the other you must chose

From this decision you cannot hide.

You think there’s more to offer?

Things we do not show?

But we did not bring those choices to you

So how would you ever know!





Angels Dance

Music pours from your soul as

Liitle angels dance along your fingertips,

Moving digits to a melody yet to be created;

Never fretting, only feeling the groove

Of your instrument.

They dance

Up, down, across and over they gently work the neck

Feeling each note as it is made,

making each note as it is felt.

Silly Old Widower

I see you

Walking through the mist of a lakeside morning.

The birds flutter and fly off as you stroll by.

Angelic silhouette piercing the blurring sky

A meandering gate, a step here, another there.

The way your hair falls, the bounce in your step.

It must be you.

But as you draw near I see it is not.

You have been gone a long time.

You would be old…different…like me.

But when I look at her

I see a little bit of you.

I do.

just enough to wonder

What would be you?


Angel Girl

Angel Girl

She likes to play out in the rain.

She’s in love again

But she doesn’t know his name.

Angel girl

Wins the world over with her smile.

She’s got charm

They fall in love with her style.

And she cries herself to sleep.

Then she slips into the deep.

I’ve grown older

But certainly not colder

In fact a bit bolder.

The more I know

The less I understand.

I try to read, but

The words have become blurred,

I cannot read them.

Not without help.

I rise from this lonely old bed to get my glasses.  Knowing I’ve laid dormant for too long.

And when I read your book

Every word says the same to me.




The beauty, the pain… the anticipation, the disappointment… the exhilaration, the sadness…the unfettered joy; the pure celebration of another persons life.

All expressed with a twinkle of your eye, better than 100,000 words

You are so pretty I forget the pain of what no longer is

and vow to love again… if only for a moment