I had visions of late nights

With you seated in my comfy chair,

Belting out improvised blues, while

I loosely strum the 12 bars and 3 chords

That tell my life’s story.

We would create

Passionate songs about love and lust

Building a unique rhythm

Formed only by us.

Like two dreamers

Who melt into a single fantasy.

We’ve been together for a thousand years.

Off and on.

Through wives and lovers,

Friends and others.

Husbands and enemies under covers.

You waited on the mountain top.

Seated under the pines watching the waves crash

While I frolicked with the sirens.

Knowing they are but a diversion.


Your eyes.

I wish I could have your eyes.

So when I look at you you could know true beauty.

I wish I could have your hair.

So you could smell your sweet aroma on the pillow next to me

And if I could have your skin

You could feel the soothing electric charge that comes from being caressed by you.

And if your lips were mine you would feel the warm gentle passion of kissing you.